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Manufacturing Technologies

  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods Applications

"If you could not find a suitable method for the piece needed to be made, 

we offer alternative manufacturing methods and applications."

  • Combined Manufacturing

"For the operations like machining, sheet metal forming, welding, molding,

assembly; it is enough just to contact us instead of many different ones"

  • Performance Improvement in Manufacturing Processes

"We are ready to work together if there is a task that you

need do with  shorter time and reduced production costs"

  •  Design and Manufacture of Testing Equipment

"Simulation of the conditions which a product will be exposed to and conducting 

tests for them by designing and making the setup & test instruments, is our job."

  • Mechanism Design and Manufacturing

"We are ready to listen your demands if you need the mechanism that will

carry your product one step further  or you just need to move an object."

  • R & D in Manufacturing Processes

"We can walk together in your innovative manufacturing ideas and practices."

lazer kesim
Mold Manufacturing
Mechanism Design & Manufacturing
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