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Defense Industry

As a whole the defense industry is considered to be an important part of industrialization and development. Today, technology development activities conducted in this field has speeded up in Turkey. YEDİC engineering uses its knowledge which is coming from the R & D activities of special gases and especially the hydrogen gas to conduct defense industry utilizations and applications.

Hydrogen, a renewable and clean energy source, can be used in defense industry to advance fuel technologies, electricity-energy generation, combustion-explosion, silent technologies, life support, material and fluid technologies. The use of hydrogen in these processes is complicated and requires advanced technological purification-conditioning-production-storage experiences. At this point YEDIC Engineering designs, applies and manufactures for the defense industry.

The YEDİC team, which comes from the R & D circle, provides package services for project-based, solution-focused works in defense industry to reach the advanced solutions needed.

Land Vehicles Parts
Increase of Explosion Energy
Propulsion & Solar Energy Storage
Range Extension
Askerler ve Helikopter
Naval Vehicles Parts
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