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About Us

Yedic Engineering & Consulting is a company that is specialized in industrial gases and hydrogen technologies and performs process engineering applications in industrial plants, increases efficiency in processes and carries out cost-reducing activities. In addition to these, it carries out R & D activities in advanced technology areas such as defense industry and energy sector and offers advanced manufacturing solutions.


Since 2015, our company has completed projects with different state-supported and private partnerships and has other ongoing projects. As a result of our efforts to produce innovative products, Yedic Engineering has participated as a practitioner participant in many events in our country and in the international arena, gained experience and shared it.


Hydrogen, which we did R & D activities on, finds a wide range of applications on industrial scale all over the world, such as petro chemistry, fertilizer, defense, oil refinery, chemical, food and energy industries. Rocket and missile, space, defense, fission and fuel cell technologies also need hydrogen studies are being made.


Our aim in the above-mentioned advanced technology fields and hydrogen-dependent industries is to continuously develop the purification and conditioning processes required from the production of hydrogen to its usage; to provide new solutions and to meet the needs of the industry by providing reliable services at reasonable prices.

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