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Pressurized and High Capacity Regenerative Hydrogen Gas Dryer

Start Date: 22.09.2015

Date of Completion: 22.09.2016

Yedic Engineering, which has been established as a company that produces solutions for hydrogen gas purification and conditioning, has successfully completed the Prototype of the Regenerative Hydrogen Gas Dryer it has focused on for the last two years. Regenerative dryers, which are the most qualified and complex element of hydrogen purification and conditioning equipment required wherever hydrogen gas is used, are made by the company as much as the fingers of one hand in the world. This is due to the complexity and expertise required, not the size of the sector.

The new dryer we have developed has also gained the competence to respond to all hydrogen production techniques that continue to diversify. Our device, which will have high purity drying capability, goes through some purification steps in addition to chemical adsorbent type drying. The device has an advanced control system that will run all necessary processes by itself after the first operation. All values ​​are instantly measured and integrated into the control system to prevent dangerous situations.

With this device, a dryness level of 99.9% has been achieved, all gains and compentencies that aid us to solve industrial problems have been internalized.

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